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VIDEO: PM in Kandep

He was greeted by a sea of PNC red as thousands of supporters attended a campaign rally in Kandep recently.


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VIDEO: Czuba takes over

Czuba said the sector will continue the work of former secretary Professor David Kavanamur in a bid to develop and raise the standard of higher education in the country.


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VIDEO: Missing child

The toddler has been missing since Monday June 5th.


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VIDEO: St John funding

Chief Officer Matt Cannon revealed this on Wednesday , following the Health Ministry's announcement in fulfilling its financial commitment to the ambulance service.


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VIDEO: Ocean Conference ongoing

The conference which started on Monday the 5th of June at the UN HQ in New York has seen a big turn-out of voluntary commitments to attend and explore pathways to improve the health of the ocean.


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VIDEO: Support for Ano Pala

Led by businessman and third runner-up to the Rigo Open seat in 2012, Wala Gamu, prominent backing has been given to Ano Pala for the development he has brought to the district.


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VIDEO: Fisherman island water issue

This is a known factor which has been raised for years; this agenda was highlighted by the inhabitants of  the island.


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VIDEO: Funeral for Anisi

Now just after his first term in parliament, the incumbent member for Ambunti Drekikir, Izikiel Anisi also passed on, just 4 weeks before polling for the 2017 National General elections.

Today, the Ambunti Drekikir Community in Port Moresby paid their last respects at his funeral service at the Reverend Sioni Kami Memorial Church.


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East Sepik MP collapses and dies -


However this signing was not with some opposition from the Yulai Landowners Association represented by Chairman George Gusi.


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VIDEO: Challenges of PMVs on Abau roads

PMV drivers are also feeling the pinch of the poor road conditions, as they are forced to charge the villages high transport fares or avoid picking them up.


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