Trust Account

Govt sets up disaster trust account

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill announced this yesterday in Port Moresby.

PM O’Neill said all donations from Papua New Guineans must be put through this Trust account.

He added that all government efforts had been directed to the account as well.

The account number is 70129 85888.

“All donations must go through this particular account because we want it to be coordinated and audited properly,” stated O’Neill.

“We want the money to reach the communities that really deserved it.

“We don’t want to waste any resources.”

O’Neill calls for audit into K8b in trust account

He said the people of Papua New Guinea need to know what happened to the fund.

“Eight billion Kina that belongs to the people of Papua New Guinea went missing,” claimed the PM.

“When we took over, there was almost zero balance in Government accounts. That is why we had to go into deficit budget to build new infrastructure around the country, to pay for our school fees, and to pay for our hospitals that our people deserve.”