Trukai Industries

Trukai field day outlines innovation

Now in its third year, the annual event will showcase innovation within Papua New Guinea’s agricultural industry through a range of demonstrations, while providing an insight into the products and processes of Trukai.

The event will be centred on ‘Developing Integrated Farming Systems for Food Security in PNG’.

Trukai Agricultural Manager, Jarrod Pirrie, said the day’s agenda will be about much more than Trukai’s primary product.

34th Trukai Fun Run launched

There to officiate at the event included President of the PNG Olympic Committee, Sir John Dawanincura, Trukai's National Marketing Manager, Maybellyne Fernandes, PNG's super fish, Ryan Pini and Team PNG Chef de Mission to Rio, Emma Waiwai.

This year's event is expected to see over 50,000 participants hit the streets to take part in the nationwide event on June 26, 2016.

The PNG Cancer Foundation has also joined in as a partner for the Fun Run with Patron, Lynda Baboa-O'Neill present to launch the Fun Run shirts.

Trukai launches healthy living product

Focusing on health and strength within Papua New Guinea, TruCare will incorporate both urban and rural sectors, with Trukai’s existing framework forming the foundation of the company’s CSR structure.

Trukai’s ongoing commitment to the remote areas of PNG focuses on promoting ‘Healthy Eating’, especially the importance of a healthy diet. With malaria, child illness, and tuberculosis still prevalent in rural communities, the role of rice in improving the immune system forms an integral part of the brand’s strategy.

Trukai sets date for 2016 field day

The opportunity will be for sharing of experience and capability on local rice development projects that Trukai has undertaken in partnership with various communities across PNG.    

Trukai's rice development projects are targeted at establishing a commercially viable rice growing industry for PNG.

Anne clocks up 35 years with Trukai

Anne Kewe is Trukai’s longest serving team member, having started her career after graduating from Lae Secretarial College in 1980.

She has since gone on to occupy an array of roles within Trukai, and on Tuesday (19/01/16) marked 35 years since her first day at the company.

For Anne, longevity runs in the family.

“My old family friends and relatives say I am following in my father’s legacy,” she said.

“He worked for Telikom for more than thirty years before he retired and I consider him to be my role model.

Trukai continues to invest in PNG

Having been operational for longer than Papua New Guinea has been independent, Trukai Industries continues to build on its identity as the most trusted of PNG brands throughout 2015.

During a year in which Agricultural Minister, Tommy Tomscoll instructed rice companies to start investing money into assisting farmers, Trukai showed its commitment to the local industry by announcing plans to develop rice farming in PNG.

Trukai extend sponsorship of Cowboys for another 2 years

The announcement was made this week after the arrival of the 2015 NRL Premiership Trophy into the country led by veteran Cowboys player, Brent Tate.

Trukai has been sponsoring the Cowboys since 2008.

Its logo will continue to appear prominently on the Cowboys uniform shorts.

General Manager for Sales & Marketing, Andrew Daubney said it was a great pleasure to be part of the Cowboys in their partnership to continue to promote and develop rugby league in PNG.

League star stresses importance of education

Speaking this morning to the students of Badihagwa Secondary and Hagara Primary in Port Moresby, Tate explained to the students that education and sports go hand in hand.

"My coach Wayne Bennett was always big on education and told us we had to finish school first before we could play for the Broncos.

"That is why it is important to go to school and learn to read and write. So you can read and understand the game plan before a sports game,’’ said Tate.

Tate then carried the NRL premiership trophy around to the excited students for them to see and touch it.

Trukai gives another K50,000 to PNG Weightlifting

In store for PNG’s weightlifters are the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Weightlifting Championships next month in Houston, USA, the 2016 Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships and the 2016 Oceania Weightlifting Championships in Fiji.

PNG Weightlifting Federation president Sir John Dawanincura thanked Trukai, saying the future of the sport looked good.

 “We are ever grateful to Trukai for their ongoing sponsorship to weightlifting since 1995 and we look forward to continuing this relationship into the future.

Trukai pays K65,000 in incentives for weightlifters

Trukai announced on the eve of the Games as an incentive that 5000 kina would be given to every PNG weightlifter that won gold. 

13 gold medals were won in weightlifting. 15 000 of the 65 000 kina went to Thelma Mea Toua who snared three gold medals.

Trukai general manager of sales and marketing Andrew Daubney said Trukai had no doubt in PNG’s weightlifters during the Games and would continue this support into the future.

“13 gold medals is outstanding. Providing incentives for athletes pushes them to train harder and come out triumphant,” said Daubney.