Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party

​Polye: Health centres will be rehabilitated within 100 days

In a media statement, Polye made the promise when he toured the Gloucester Health Centre in West New Britain Province on Friday.

As well as improving the infrastructure, he said their wages and living conditions would be looked into.

"Our Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party wants all the districts to have a hospital each. Also all the LLGs to have a sub-health centre each whilst all wards to have a clinic or an aid post each.

“We will ensure they have specialist doctors, HEOs and nurses to serve our people better," he said.

​K250m for small scale farmers: Polye

Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye arrived at 10.30am today (Sunday) in Papua village of Markham district to yet another rousing welcome.

Polye travelled to the village in a chopper following the completion of his three-day campaign trail in the Eastern Highlands province.

He was there not only to endorse his candidate for Markham Open, Dr. Warima Pomuso, but to launch his election campaign as well. 

Addressing locals at the village, he assured them that he would like to see the whole valley being commercialised into an agriculture zone.

Opposition promises K2.1 billion for Agriculture

Opposition Leader Don Polye made this statement on the condition if he won the mandate of the people this election to lead the next government.

Launching Moriyape Kavori's election campaign and endorsement at Oliguti village in Lufa district on Wednesday May 17, 2017, Polye said during his first 100 days in office out of the fund,  K700 million would be invested in the Highlands region for coffee and its stabilisation funds.

Kavori is THE party's official candidate for Lufa Open seat in the East Highlands Province.

Polye lands in Lae

He arrived today at Lae's Eriku Oval to a rousing reception, accompanied by Lae MP Loujaya Kouza, his candidates and local THE party officials.

He will launch election campaigns for his THE party candidates contesting several seats in the province.

Polye is also there to officially endorse the candidates.

(Opposition Leader being welcomed at Eriku oval by THE party supporters)

T.H.E policy will provide youth employment opportunities

This was what Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye told a political rally in Vanimo on Saturday (May 6).

Speaking at Wara Kongkong settlement in Vanimo, West Sepik Province, Polye said when in power, THE Party would establish a regional college each for the regions to train them to become police, defence and warder officers.

Polye said the United Nations ratio for one policeman to 300 people would be achieved, adding now only 8,000 police personnel are serving over eight million people.

Demolish makeshift buildings at border: Polye

This was the statement from the PNG Opposition Leader, Don Pomb Polye, after his historic visit to Batas on Saturday.

The Opposition Leader said both governments needed to encourage businesses to build permanent buildings on each side of the border to sell their items.

"Trade worth more than K3 million takes place at the border without any proper control by authorities. It adds to the tally of total capital outflow," he said.

After the trip, Polye said he learnt that PNG faced trade deficit there.

T.H.E Party endorses 7 women

Parliamentary leader Don Polye said women will be an integral partner if THE party forms the government after the June polls.

THE party endorsed 90 candidates to contest for the 111 Parliament seats.    

The Opposition Leader congratulated the newly-elected executives of the National Council of Women and challenged them to advocate on issues affecting their counterparts in the country.

"If our THE party is given the mandate to form the next government, I, as the Prime Minister, will make the council become one of our major partners in development,” Polye vowed.

Supporters flock to witness Polye’s nominate

Despite a last-minute notice under a bad weather, supporters flocked in numbers to join him at Kandep Station to converge to the district office.

Polye was previously in Wabag for the nomination of  THE Party endorsed candidate for the Enga Regional Seat Sandy Talita.

In a low-key ceremony Polye nominated just before 4 pm in front of the Assistant Returning Officers, Joseph Yangau, and, George Marke, at the district office.

Two other intending candidates nominated yesterday, one of which includes a female nominee.