Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party

T.H.E to look into compulsory education

THE party parliamentary leader made this statement in Vanimo on Friday, when launching election campaigns for his party’s endorsed candidates contesting for seats in Sandaun Province.

Polye said under the policy, it will be compulsory for all school age children to be in the classroom.

He said subsidising of school fees will continue, and more emphasis will be placed on improving the quality of education in the country.

"We must provide quality education for our children so that they must be skilled appropriately to earn a living,” Polye said.

Polye identifies enemy, draws battle line

Polye said there is no need for him to campaign in the district. 

He was speaking to his people at Kalimaga village in Enga Province on Wednesday.

He said he had a huge task to campaign for his Triumph Heritage Empowerment party's, 90 candidates endorsed to contest for the 111 seats in Parliament. 

Polye is confident his party will win the most seats and form the next government.

"You (people) are fighting a battle with the people of Ialibu-Pangia (electorate of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill)," he told a cheering crowd.

THE Party convention underway

Supporters of Parliamentary Leader Don Polye have packed the Granville conference room to officially begin their campaign for the 2017 National Elections.

Polye and his Deputy Parliamentary Leader and Kikori MP, Mark Maipakai, are present at the convention, accompanied by party executives.

It is during the convention that Polye will deliver the party's policies as well as finalise its candidates’ numbers for the elections.

The convention will be held over the next two days.

Polye’s THE Party launches new website

Parliamentary Party Leader and Opposition Leader, Don Polye, officially launched the website today in Port Moresby.

He was flanked by Deputy Parliamentary Party Leader and Kikori MP, Mark Maipakai, and Highlands Region Leader and Laiagap-Porgera MP, Nixon Mangape.  As well as THE Party executives and supporters.

Polye said the party was keeping up to speed with technology to keep in touch with the people.

Ipatas warns against early campaigning

“I want to warn those who are desperate in carrying out early campaigns in the province that the people of Enga want delivery of service and projects more than sweet talks,” Sir Peter Ipatas said.

Enga is a progressive province that does not need any aliens to come ‘from nowhere’ and talk about reviving it, said the Governor.

He also took a swipe at the political rally organised by the Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party and its founder, Opposition Leader and Kandep Open MP, Don Polye. The gathering took place early this month.

Maipakai slams Engan leaders for lack of support

Maipakai criticised them for not supporting Polye when he tried to form the government twice; the first was during the vote of no-confidence in July and the second was after the last election.

“Despite our age difference, I am loyal to him because he is honest, transparent and a highly qualified leader,” Maipakai told a huge crowd at Porgera, in Enga, last Saturday.