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VIDEO: A new way forward in information dissemination

Trend Media Pacific is a full service media business that has been providing digital communication platform to the masses.

In the wake of the country's national election, TMP is offering another alternative to contesting candidates.


Gloria Bauai reports 


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Trend Media launches Pacific’s first high definition commercial production unit

Headquartered in the TVWAN television studios in Papua New Guinea, this new Commercial Production Unit is fully resourced to produce High-Definition (HD) TVCs, commercial programmes, corporate videos, digital video and radio jingles for advertisers, local bodies and organisations.

High-definition signal enhances both the picture and the sound on TV so they are crisper and more detailed than ever before.

Loop PNG records another resounding 2.3 million viewers

Google Analytics, the world’s most renowned tool for tracking and reporting website traffic, recorded over 2.3 million page views to the Loop PNG site over the month of May alone. A massive growth of +70% from April 2016, making Loop PNG the largest provider of online news content in Papua New Guinea.

Loop PNG News Director Alfred Kaniniba said Loop PNG continues to break stories on a regular basis across all its categories, which are published on the site as the news is happening.