Transparency International PNG

TIPNG to launch campaigns

The 21st anniversary will also see the launch of three important TIPNG campaigns for 2018.

TIPNG is commemorating its 21st anniversary by launching the three campaigns to carry out in 2018 at their NCD office, one of which is the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

TIPNG, as part of the ICAC technical working group and through partnership with the Department of Justice & Attorney General, will be advocating for the enabling legislation for ICAC to be tabled and enacted by Parliament.

TIPNG welcomes CSTB's move on fair play

“It is not easy for the public service to follow procedures established to protect the interests of the people and the rights of qualified suppliers to compete fairly to provide goods and services," said TIPNG Chairman, Lawrence Stephens.

Since 2013, TI PNG through its Community Coalition Against Corruption, consistently asked for an investigation into the award of the contract to Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals after tendering rules were changed and the company was awarded a contract which cost the people of Papua New Guinea nearly K100 million.

PNG Loop's 5 @ 5

LO suggests a brothel for ‘hyper active refugees’

One way to deal with the issues of these sexually frustrated asylum seekers would be to allow for a brothel.

UPNG undergoes major infrastructure development

Sacking of nine Defence staff worrying: TIPNG

Transparency International PNG says: “The nine staff reportedly spoke out about issues of maladministration, mismanagement and misappropriation within their department. 

“It is concerning to read about any threat, suspension or sacking of people who draw attention to illegality, whether it be real or alleged.  

“Witness accounts are powerful tools in exposing corruption, fraud and mismanagement. Raising the alert of authorities when corruption occurs, is an obligation for all public servants.”

CCAC: PNG is facing a constitutional crisis

The CCAC which is co-chaired by Transparency International PNG met with the Media Council last week to discuss national issues.

“The CCAC does not accept the closure of the National Fraud & Anti-Corruption Directorate by the Police Commissioner.

“It cannot be seen as coincidental that, immediately following court decisions regarding the work of senior police officers, action was taken to close down the office and place it under siege by police officers who do not appear to understand the implications of their actions.

TI’s advocacy and legal centre, a service to the public

Program Lawyer for Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre Natasha Utubasi says lack of transparency is when information is not made relevant and accessible to the masses.

She says that ALAC statistics collected in the first quarter of 2016 reflect continuous public distrust in state agencies and this should prompt the public sector to take strict measures to crack down on systematic corruption and promote greater efficiency in their services.

Govt must re-examine priorities

Chairman of TIPNG, Lawrence Stephens said the Government had first given its reassurance that all is well with the finances of Papua New Guinea.

“At the same time, the Prime Minister has told departments and institutions to cut down on spending.

“Church health services, for example, have received savage budget cuts, yet PNG is assured that all is well, just a little tight,” said Stephens.

TIPNG to host REDD media awareness workshop

Advocacy and Communications Officer, Sally Korerua appealed to journalists from different media organizations to attend.

It will take place in September from 9am-12pm and will be held at the Institute of National Affairs board room at IPA Haus.

“The media plays a crucial role in exposing corruption and raising general awareness about its detrimental impacts in society.

“However, information communicated about corruption may lack credibility if reporting is not insightful and accurate,” said Korerua.

TIPNG commends New Erima School board member

This comes after the board member recently raised questions about the withdrawal of K261, 480 from the school account.

“Once again the school is leading the way. This is another important reminder of the need for information on the use of public funds to be made public.

“School authorities should be willing and unafraid in providing details, honouring the constitutional right of citizens to free access to public information,” said TIPNG.

TIPNG called on authorities to listen to the demand and to ensure that the funds are fully accounted for.