Transparency International PNG (TIPNG)

TIPNG applauds Minister over Manumanu call

A call by the Lands Minister to rightly make the inquiry into the ‘Manumanu Land Deal’ a priority has been welcomed by Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) along with the advice that the Department of Lands and Physical has already provided information to the delayed Administrative Inquiry. 

National election displayed lack of transparency: TIPNG

In a statement, the anti-rot organisation said: “There is a strong public perception that our democracy is being challenged by vested interests, acting with apparent impunity, and this appears to have heightened during the process of election.  

Walk against corruption boosted

In preparation for the walk, which will take place in Port Moresby on Sunday, June 4, a number of organisations have come forward with in-kind support, showing their commitment towards combating corruption and to ensure the success of the event. 

TIPNG interim executive director, Arianne Kassman, said: “It is always inspiring to receive support from business houses and other institutions when Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) hosts events.

K316m invested into Star Mountain project while essential services suffer

“This is a substantial amount of public funds being invested into a private commercial venture that may not bring the anticipated returns for the people of PNG,” the organisation says in a statement.

TIPNG strongly believes that this investment venture is not in the best financial interests of the people of Papua New Guinea. 

Action must be taken on Manumanu COI: TIPNG

Chairman of TIPNG, Lawrence Stephens, says TIPNG welcomes efforts to uncover facts and investigate alleged wrong doing.

“It is in the interest of the people of Papua New Guinea and particularly the people of Manumanu that the investigations be carried out immediately and those that are found to have acted fraudulently to be charged and face the courts.”

TIPNG, however, remains appalled by the long list of multiple COIs that have not yet been acted on and individuals named continue to enjoy impunity.  

TIPNG pays tribute to late broadcaster

“It is with sadness and gratitude that the Transparency International PNG chapter has learnt of his passing, after a long illness.

“His talents and skills are admired by many in the media industry and others throughout PNG and abroad. His voice has been a part of the lives of three generations of Papua New Guineans and his kind personality reached out to millions of people. 

TIPNG applauds Ngangan for ‘tightening controls’

“It is welcoming to see stringent requirements are now in place to document, validate, verify and authenticate Government cheques by way of Purchase Orders, Authority to Pre-commit Expenditure (APC) or an Integrated Local Purchase Order and Claim (ILPOC), to assure accountability of Government spending,” the organisation said in a statement.   

“This is an important step to strengthen the existing procurement process and limit the abuse of the proper procurement process.”

TIPNG condemns changes to election laws

In a statement, TIPNG says: “The National Executive Council (NEC) has recently approved three major changes to the laws affecting candidates for elected office: Nomination fees, the campaign period and election petition costs.

“TIPNG sees the proposals as undermining the principle of equality for all.”

Lawrence Stephens, the Chairman of TIPNG, says the proposed rule changes will severely reduce the rights of citizens to participate in future elections.

TIPNG condemns attack on EC officers in Mendi

This was the statement made by Chairman for Transparency International PNG (TIPNG), Lawrence Stephens.

“It is also the opinion of TIPNG that the actions of the attackers reflect a deeper issue. We see far too many examples of leaders behaving as if they are not accountable to the law.

“When people holding high offices are not held accountable for offences against their people, members of the public are encouraged to believe that they are justified in using force to achieve their own goals,” said Stephens.

TIPNG: MP’s must not lose sight of calls for reform

This was the call by Chairman of Transparency International PNG (TIPNG), Lawrence Stephens following yesterday’s Vote of No Confidence.

"Members have assembled for an important vote and have made a decision.

“This is what legislators are expected to do. Members of Parliament are also representatives of the people and many of the people have been begging parliamentarians to take note of their concerns, “said Stephens.

Stephens added that it should be clear to every politician and public servant by now that the people are concerned.