Digicel invests in its people

When congratulating her staff for completing the training, CEO of Digicel PNG Foundation, Beatrice Mahuru said: “Digicel PNG Foundation is committed to capacity building for stronger, self-reliant people and communities. Often we get so busy with doing the right thing for the communities and we forget that our teams also need training. I know that Enigma’s Innovative and Incentive Contracting course was intense but my Project Team, Haro Gomara, Kingsley Losema and Andrew Kalu Williams learnt a lot from it.

Taiwan hosts vocational training for young Pacific islanders

The 30 participants, all from countries that are Taiwan's diplomatic allies, are receiving training in the areas of automobile maintenance, carpentry and electrical engineering, said Lee Pai-po deputy secretary-general of the Taipei-based International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF).

The programme, which started Sept. 4 and runs until Dec. 22, is aimed at cultivating seed instructors for vocational training in the participating Pacific island countries, namely Kiribati, Nauru, Palau, Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands, Lee said at a news briefing.

PNG journalists trained on professional journalism

The training focused on getting participants thinking about the structure and values, vision and objectives of an association.

It also gave journalists the skills to go out and talk about this with their colleagues and ask people to join a professional association.

“This training helped me understand the issues faced by journalists and ways of addressing them,” said PNGFM journalist Christine Kildi.

Reuben Tabel from FM 100 said he really enjoyed the training. It helped him look “outside the box” and work with his colleagues to address issues affecting journalists.