Nestle fails to trademark four-fingered KitKat shape

The ruling is the latest twist in a decade-long UK chocolate wars saga between Nestle and Cadbury.

The Dairy Milk maker failed in its own attempt to trademark the shade of purple it uses after Nestle complained.

But on Wednesday, it was the Cadbury bosses celebrating the latest attempt to foil KitKat's plans.

Nestle claimed that the shape of the bar was so unique, it should be protected by law.

But time after time, judges have thrown out the attempt.

PNGRFL yet to respond to trademark claim

The PNGRFL was listed as the complainant in a major counterfeit case involving eight Chinese nationals.

After 12 months in the National Court, State lawyers withdrew the matter this month, after finding out that the trademark logo used on shirts sold in the shops of these Chinese wasn’t registered by the complainant.

Over 10,000 jerseys and polo shirts were confiscated by police last year.

PNGRFL told this newsroom that their lawyer is still going through Court files and the PNGRFL CEO, Sandis Tsaka, will respond once advised.  

Court orders policemen to return confiscated items

Justice Panuel Mogish today told eight Chinese nationals that they cannot come asking the court to issue directions to the PNG Immigration to renew their visa because their passports were in custody of the court while awaiting a court trial.

“It’s a personal responsibility, why didn’t you come to court earlier and ask for your passports to be released so you can get the visas renewed?” he told the eight who were acquitted.