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Reality Check: Trump on Obamacare premiums

By Tami Luhby, CNNMoney

Trump cited Obamacare as one of the top problems he wants to address if he is elected president.

Maru confident ban will be lifted

Minister Maru last month bluntly issued threats to ban certain Fiji made products into the bigger PNG market if its Melanesian neighbour do not explain why Ox and Palm, Paradise Biscuits and Trukai Rice are banned.  

This resulted in the Fiji Government sending its Trade Commissioner to PNG Navitalai Tuivuniwai Biosecurity Authority (BAF) of Fiji chief veterinarian Dr Sian Watson, BAF chief plant protection officer Nilesh Ami Chand, and BAF trade facilitation and compliance team leader Ronal Prasad over the weekend to Port Moresby.    

Maru warns against proposed rice policy

He was responding to questions from Rabaul MP Allan Marat in the morning session of Parliament.

Marat asked if a policy, which will give a single company monopoly, will strain ties with Australia.

PNG imports K700 million of rice annually, and Australian company Trukai is the major importer.

Minister Maru, in response, said he had already sought advice from WTO in-country and legal advice from the State Solicitor’s Office.

"Such a policy will be in serious breach of our obligation as a member of the World Trade Organization," Maru warned.

Andrias clears air on land ownership at SEZ

“Kanawi land was surrendered to the State in 1972. It has been lying idle for nearly 43 years until this day the foundation investor sets foot on to make it the land of milk and honey,” Andrias told the people at the launched of the project on Wednesday at Yangoru Station.

The K55 million project will be developed by Kumul Consolidated Holdings Limited (KCHL) representing the State and developer, Innovative Agro industry (IAI).

IAI is a subsidiary of LR Group of Israel.  

Workshop to validate final Trade Policy

The final document is a result of wider stakeholder consultation with European Union assistance under their Trade Related Assistance program-Phase 2 (EU TRA 2) by providing expertise.

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Commerce and Industry had a local drafting team supported by local consultants put together this document.

The aim of the workshop was to allow stakeholders to go through the policy to give their inputs and see if there are any issues that need validating to allow the policy to fine tune.

Andrias invites all to use new WTO Reference Centre

The WTO Reference Centre which was recently launched is an important tool for addressing PNG’s trade information gaps.

“Users are able to conduct desktop and literature research on international trade using the facilities in the Reference Centre.

“International businesses are able to use the information ¡n the Centre to assess trade flows as well as tariffs and non-tariff measures facing exports in other member’s markets.”

Fiji and PNG talk trade

The Fjii Times reports the Minister for Trade, Industry and Tourism Faiyaz Koya, hosted his PNG counterpart Richard Maru last week.


FIJI -PNG Business Council aims to take advantage of New Trade Commissioner to PNG

This was highlighted by council president Nouzab Fareed who is also the group chief executive of Fijian Holdings.

He said they aim to promote trade and investment and continue to work on shipping, customs and quarantine issues.

It is understood the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, will be announcing the name of the new Trade Commissioner to PNG soon.

Fareed said the Council had very actively been lobbying with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism on the appointment.