NCD torture not first in area: Official

Duran Farm Housing Project general manager, John Kume, said such practises have happened several times.

The torture of the elderly woman took place on development land earmarked for the Duran Farm Housing Project.

Known as portion 528, the area has been occupied by settlers from various ethnicities.

Kume, who was at the scene of the incident, said it was shocking that such a practise was happening in the city.

Small girl allegedly tortured over ‘sanguma’ accusations

The girl, thought to be about six years old, suffered at the hands of several men in the Surinki area when she was rescued in a joint operation.

The operation was carried out yesterday with Lutheran missionary, Anton Lutz, and the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation.

“The child was in the village when she was attacked,” Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation president, Gary Bustin, told Loop PNG.

“She is now receiving medical attention for wounds and burns sustained all over her body from bush knives that were heated by fire.”