Together for Education project

Together for Education

However, thanks to some parents and teachers in procuring innovative digital technology, equality in opportunities and provision of education is now made available.

In an elementary school in the Central Province, 11-year old Odie was described by her teachers as an avid learner and great example to other students. Her love for reading was dually awarded when her school was selected to be a part of the “Together for Education Project”.

Teacher Training For Middle Ramu

Many schools in the district have limited teaching and learning resources, often relying on community volunteers to teach children given the lack of qualified teachers. Schools can only be reached by means of a two-hour drive to the Usino-Bundi boat stop followed by an eight-hour trip along the banks of the winding Ramu River.

Villages are mostly situated close to the river, but it can be a three-hour walk to reach communities further inland.