Toami Kulunga

Kulunga’s Slip rule application heard

The Slip Rule application was moved before Justice Panuel Mogish who sat as a single Supreme Court Judge. He reserved his decision on the application to later date.

Kulunga’s lawyer submitted to the court that the Supreme Court Appeal’s decision which was handed down on Dec 16, 2016 must be revisited because there were no other cases of such nature.

But the State’s lawyer told the court all other issues that the former Police Commissioner is raising now in the Slip Rule were already raised in the appeal.

Kulunga files slip rule application

He has filed an application seeking leave to move a slip rule application in the Supreme Court.

Kulunga filed the slip rule application four days after the Supreme Court full bench on Dec 16, 2016, dismissed his appeal against the decision of the National Court which found him guilty of contempt and sentenced him to seven months in prison.

Kulunga to serve prison term at Bomana

The decision of the court to dismiss the appeal did not go down well with family members of the former commissioner, who wept openly in the court room, expressing their disappointment after the decision.

Two of the three judges sitting in a Supreme Court bench today ruled by majority, to dismiss his appeal, saying the trial judge did not make any error in convicting him for contempt of court and imposing a sentence of seven months in prison.