Teen in court over threats to Jews

Michael Ron David Kadar, 18, who has joint US-Israeli citizenship, allegedly used the internet to make hundreds of hoax calls in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Prosecutors say he often used software to disguise his voice as a woman's.

He is also accused of trying to extort money from a US senator.

Israeli prosecutors say Mr Kadar made more than 2,000 threatening calls to schools, airports, police stations and hospitals over a two-year period.

Polye issues stern warning to Gamato

Polye made the threat saying the National Elections were a matter of life and death in this country and warned the Electoral Commissioner not to facilitate an undemocratic election.

A fired up Polye made the statements in a media conference claiming he has evidence of foul play being orchestrated by politicians and Patilias Gamato, to rig the elections to favour the current ruling Peoples National Congress (PNC) Party

“He’s facilitating Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to be elected again. Mr Gamato is facilitating the Government and PNC to come back again.

Brexit case campaigner gets online death, rape threats

A look at Twitter also reveals a catalog of racist and sexist abuse against Miller, whose legal action thwarted the UK government's plans to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty -- starting the formal process of Britain leaving the European Union -- without a vote in Parliament.

I am not intimidated with threats: Marape

Marape in a press conference today said he had been receiving threats from unknown people threatening to assassinate him and destroy his family for the past two weeks.

He said he had received at least 13 life threatening messages to him and his family over on-going politics in Hela and the PNG LNG benefits funds.

“I cannot be intimidated by any threats to carry out my responsibilities as an elected parliamentary leader of Hela Province and the country as a whole.”

He said police have been notified about the threats and the perpetrators will be caught soon.