Tech Tent: Fake ads, fake news and real voice tech

But now the two web giants are under pressure over another kind of fakery - fake advertising.

On this week's Tech Tent we hear about the advertising industry's mounting anger over a problem that is damaging its credibility with its clients. When advertising began to move online, there was the promise of much better targeting and much more accurate measurement of how well a marketing message performed.

Instead all sorts of issues, from bots that generate phony views of ads to the placing of advertisements next to unsuitable content, have shaken confidence in the industry.

Unicorns run wild! IPOs back in vogue -- for now

Software company MuleSoft debuted on the New York Stock Exchange Friday and surged nearly 50%.

The strong performance from MuleSoft (MULE), which helps customers like Coca-Cola, Spotify and Unilever manage their data, comes one day after luxury parka maker Canada Goose went public on the NYSE and soared more than 25%.

Canada Goose (GOOS) was up another 5% Friday.

NZ internet speeds zoom past Australia

The study is done quarterly by Massachusetts computer company Akamai.

We need to love each other

Love was the message that Booker, a senator from New Jersey, delivered during his opening keynote at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

Booker, who served as mayor of Newark, New Jersey, for more than seven years, said the U.S. moves forward not just when we learn to tolerate one another, but when we love each other.

"I tolerate a cold," he said onstage Friday. "Love says I see you. I recognize your dignity, your value, your worth."

Reddit thinks it can break your echo chamber

Could Reddit offer a solution?

At 280 million active monthly users, the link-sharing site is already a phenomenally influential force on the internet.

The site allows you to post links that are then either up or down voted by other users. Upvoted content is given more visibility - and potentially millions of hits - and the downvoted stuff falls away and barely gets seen by anyone.

Can sweat patches revolutionise diabetes?

But rather than a gym-soaked t-shirt, it needs just one millionth of a litre of sweat to do the testing.

The team - in South Korea - showed the sensor was accurate and think it could eventually help patients with diabetes.

And in extra tests on mice, the sensor was hooked up to a patch of tiny needles to automatically inject diabetes medication.

The team at the Seoul National University were trying to overcome the need for "painful blood collection" needed in diabetes patients.

The effect of computer screens on your eyes

One cannot escape this because the modern world is full of technology.

According to WikiHow, Americans, on average, spend around 30 percent of their day staring at a screen.

Best advice is to limit your time looking at computer, tablet and phone screens if possible. 

While science hasn't yet proven that looking at computer screens causes permanent eye damage, it may cause eye strain and dry eyes. The glare from computer screens causes muscle fatigue in the eyes, either from being too bright or too dark. 

Japan promotes sustainability to address global warming

Island and coastal countries are faced with the effects of global warming including Papua New Guinea.

Global warming leads to climate change and the impacts include rising sea level and the decline in food security.

In its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, Japan has moved into using sustainable clean energy in a lot of its creations and innovations for a sustainable future for the next generation.

Hacking the farm: How farmers use 'digital agriculture' to grow more crops

Meanwhile, the amount of arable land is decreasing, and farmers face mounting challenges.

Climate Corporation aims to take the guesswork out of issues like weather and crop disease. The 10-year-old company offers a slate of "digital agriculture" tools that provide a real-time, Facebook-esque feed about what's happening on a farm at every moment.

You probably need a Digital Detox.

As you get that last yawn in, you’re already checking your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You brush your teeth while watching the latest crazy cat video on Youtube.

At work, you always seem to start on the big projects but the emails keep coming through, compounding your inbox with incessant questions that you just have to get back to.

By the time you get home you’re exhausted, frazzled, and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything.