Tarvin Tounie

​Artists back PNG Kapuls

What happens when you put the two together?

For musicians, there’s always a purpose to their music, says Wayne Blasta Atasoa, a well-known bassist in PNG.

And one of such is a group of local musicians coming together to help raise funds for PNG’s national football team – the PNG Kapuls.

You’ve heard these names before: Mereani Masani, dAdiigii, Tarvin Tounie and O’Four.

Tarvin’s latest single, Meri Alotau to be released

But that’s not the only news he has for fans nationwide.

“I have been receiving requests to sing about something other than just “Meri”. That’s my challenge this year which I aim to achieve,” he told Loop PNG, in an interview.

From Meri Goilala to Meri NGI, Rowena to Rosie, the trend will see a change this year Tarvin says.

Furthering on, Tarvin said his songs are inspired either by events he’s seen, he has experienced or a story he makes up in his imagination.

Tarvin Tounie thanks Latitude Zero Productions

And even if you say 2010 is too far back, Tarvin thinks it’s never too late to thank those responsible for his success to date.

In an interview with Loop PNG, Tarvin recounts how Latitude Zero Productions, not only inspired his career, but also gave him the push into the mainstream.

“I usually hang out with the boys here at the studio and seeing how they’d drop their tracks and sing, I will usually return home and try myself. I did this for a while until I decided to record one of my own,” Tarvin said.

Of course, he’s first single was with the LZP in 2010.