No tariff on power: PPL

In a statement issued on Monday, PPL Acting Managing Director, Carolyn Blacklock, says there is no change, as established by the Independent Competition and Consumer Commission (ICCC).

However, customers are advised to contact PPL should they identify any irregularity upon purchase of their Easipay via the National Call Centre on 70908000 or 75008000, or email callcentre@pngpower.com.pg


DPM responds to Ling-Stuckey on tariffs

In an earlier analysis of tariff tax, Ling-Stuckey said over 70 new tax increases have been imposed by PNC from 1 January 2019.

This includes a 15 percent tax increase for wheat flour, additional tariff tax of K1.70 per kilogram on all imported fresh chicken pieces and a new 25 percent tariff on all creams, yogurt and ice-creams, including UHT milk.

However, in response, Abel said the tariff on flour only affects retail packaged imported flour.

Government forcing up prices in 2019: Opposition

Shadow Minister for Treasury and Finance, Ian Ling-Stuckey, says over 70 new tax increases have been imposed from 1 January 2019.

“This includes a 15 percent tax increase for wheat flour used for making basic items such as bread – lifting the tariff level to a massive one-quarter of imported costs. You can get around this tariff increase, but only if you buy a bag of flour that weighs over 50 kilograms. This is economic lunacy!

Cutting tariff will be commercial suicide: ICCC

The Commissioner said currently, core PPL infrastructure around the country are on intensive care unit and they are unsure how a tariff reduction will improve PPL’s services.

The comments follow statements by PPL acting managing director, Carolyn Blacklock last month that a reduction to the current tariff by half would make power accessible for many.

Boat fees for boat travellers increases

Tariff fees for adults and children have received minimal increases which will come into effect as of January 01st 2017.

For the Ports of Moresby, Lae, Kimbe, Vanimo, and Samarai, the fees for Adults will cost K9.09, which will be an increase of 48t from K8.61 in 2016.

Children fees for 2017 will be K4.54, which will be up from K4.30 this year. This is an increase of 24t.

The fees vary for the Ports of Madang, Rabaul Alotau, Oro Bay, Kavieng, Daru, Buka, Kieta, Aitape, Lorengau and Wewak.