Tari Hospital

GeneXpert Test Kits for Hela

Exxon Mobil PNG (EMPNG) recently donated GeneXpert testing kits to help boost local COVID-19 testing capabilities across Hela Province.

The kits will help medical staff at Tari Hospital and the Hela Provincial Health Authority to test and diagnose COVID-19 cases to reduce the spread of the virus.

Last year Tari Hospital received medical oxygen cylinders, and hospital beds. Later this year it stands to receive laboratory equipment and vehicles.

New health facility for Hela

The development represents over one million kina investment by PNG LNG and will provide improved healthcare for communities close to the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant, the firm said in a statement. 

“The Sub-Health Centre will provide inpatient services, midwifery services and pre-natal care to hundreds of local women. 

“With the new facility, a labour ward and an antenatal care area will now allow women to deliver babies and recuperate where as previously, they were sent home straight after delivery.

New Board takes over Tari hospital

The Hela Provincial Hospital Board officially took over operation of the Hela Provincial Hospital today. The recently-appointed Board visited the hospital, assuring patients, staff and the wider community of the facility’s preparedness to serve the than 300,000 locals who rely onThe Government recently provided the Hospital with additional funding and raised it to a provincial-level status, meaning that the Hospital will now be delivering additional services throughout the Hela Province.