Tara Brown

Investigation into Channel Nine crew adjourned

The two were detained with a 60 Minutes crew and a child recovery team, after an attempt to grab Faulkner's two children almost two weeks ago.

The judge said he had adjourned the hearings while lawyers for Faulkner and her estranged husband, Ali el-Amien, negotiated an agreement.

"It's not a custody dispute. This is a criminal matter. These people have broken the law," he said.

It is understood Faulkner asked el-Amien to drop Lebanese abduction charges against her in exchange for her renouncing all claims to custody and cooperating in getting a divorce.

Former journalist says he never would have done the 60 Minutes story

Now a media ethics expert at University of Melbourne, Dr Denis Muller said allegedly paying a “child recovery” agency to kidnap children and sending reporters to cover it was “cowboy journalism”.