Landslide affects Tambul road

A local leader, Wako Napasu told Loop PNG a landslide occurred on Saturday during heavy rains in the area.

Napasu and local elders fear that if nothing is done within the next 48 hours, the road will collapse.

He said the affected section of the road is two kilometres from Nebilyer bridge and 8 kilometres from Tambul government station

If the road collapses, this will impact the multimillion kina ADB funded construction work along the highway by contactor  COVEC and subcontractor Makara Constructions.

Kaugel Bridge collapses

The bridge went down when a truck transporting a crusher tried to cross it.

The truck and machinery belongs to Covec PNG Ltd, the construction company which was awarded the multi-million-kina road project between Tambul and Mendi.

Local youth Enoch Steven said the crusher was to be offloaded just after crossing the bridge where it will be stationed for the road project.

“But it happened that the bridge collapsed together with the floater and the crusher some metres away from where it was supposed to be stationed,” said Steven.

Locals say frost worse than 1997

The 'ice crystals' that flattened their food gardens and the surroundings this week is being described as severe.

Community leader and Tekep clansman of Maltaka, in the Upper Kaguel, John Kombani Boi said they will suffer the consequences and need the attention of government authorities.

He said this El Nino is far worse than 1997 as it completely sweep anything that is green.

"This is far worse. This is really a catastrophe.  We have never witnessed such frosts in the past and I am really sad to see our people suffer," Boi said.