Tabubil District Court

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Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc passes away in Lae

​It is confirmed that former Chief Secretary of Government, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc, has passed away this morning in Lae, Morobe Province.


Nigerian man guilty again for selling buai in restricted area

The district court in Western Province last Friday found Nelson Okpala of Anambara State, Nigeria, guilty with two counts of peddling and unlawfully being on premises.

From a police brief, it was alleged that on February 28 at around 8:30am, Okpala was arrested for selling betelnut at the market adjacent to the OTML sewerage treatment plant.

That is the same location where he was arrested previously for the same offence.  

Okpala was convicted and ordered to pay a maximum fine of K50 for peddling, and K400 for unlawfully being on premises.

Teacher gets 6 months for property damage

Tabubil District Court last week sentenced Telefomin Elementary School Coordinator, Brendon Itopi, 29, of Telefolip village to serve six months at Ningrum Correctional institute for damaging properties of a store worth K3, 266.

From police brief, it was alleged that on Saturday Feb 11, at around 8pm after consuming alcohol, Itopi went to Felok Trading at Telefomin Station to buy goods.

But the store had already closed for day and the accused started shouting for the store to open.

Drunken and disorderly couple in Tabubil fined K400

The Court in Western Province found Joseph Nilemoa, 50, of Chimbu province, and Anna Jeff guilty of the four charges and ordered them to pay K100 for each fines.

According to Police brief presented to the courts, the incident happened on Saturday.

The duo under the influence of alcohol spotted their vehicle which was impounded at the police station.

The vehicle was impounded because the vehicle was unregistered and also the driver did not have a valid driving licence.

Man fined K1,500 for traffic infringement

Stanley Navara of Londary village in Central Province was found guilty of the three traffic offences by the court in Western Province.

The defendant was given a month to pay K1, 500 and failure will  see him serve six months on the three charges, totalling 18 months behind bars.

From police brief provided, Navara was found to be unlicensed driving a motor vehicle when a routine police patrol caught him at Old Wangbin Settlement and taken to the police station.

Nigerian fined K50 for selling betelnut

Nelson Emeka Okpaca of Anambara State was caught last Thursday by local police for peddling at the market adjacent to the OTML sewerage treatment plant in Tabubil, Western Province. 

The expatriate appeared on Friday before Magistrate Billy Pidu.

Pidu, before handing down the court decision, told the defendant that his action was against the law and policy of the Ok Tedi Mining company, and also the country. 

Okpaca was released from Police custody after paying his K50 court fine.  

Sorcerer will serve three years in prison

The Western Province man, who confessed to Tabubil Police to be a sorcerer, appeared at the Tabubil District Court on Friday. He was charged with two counts of assault, one count of insult and one count of unlawful entry on premises.

From police brief, it was alleged that on December 17 at around 2am, Mimal Lucas, aged 26, of Golgobip Village, was spotted by the occupant of the house inside the room, despite the doors being locked.  

The complainant said she was surprised to see the man when he went into her room while she was sleeping with her two children.

23 year old charged for driving under influence of liquor

Jeno Andrew was found guilty by Tabubil District Court last Friday on three counts of traffic offences.

He was charged by police amounting to K1, 300 on top of the K6, 000 compensation fines.   

The 23 year old from Imingibip village in Western Province was ordered by the Court to pay K300 for the charge of driving under the influence of liquor, driving without a driving licence (K500) and driving without due care and attention (K500).