Half of Fijians surveyed will not vaccinate against COVID-19

The study conducted by NGO, Dialogue Fiji from June 25 to July 10 this year found that 53.9 percent of Fijians surveyed believed the Covid-19 vaccine was "very safe".

The survey, 'Determinants of Covid-19 Vaccines Hesitancy in Fiji', stated that public confidence in the effectiveness of the vaccines to prevent infection may be affected by perceived risks associated with vaccination.

"Of the 1047 respondents, only 53.9 percent reported the vaccine was 'very safe', while 19.4 percent reported the vaccines to be 'little safe' to 'not safe at all'," Dialogue Fiji stated.

MVF completes rapid household survey

The team comprised of officers from MVF, Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) and Department of Agriculture and Livestock who are based in the respective provinces.

MVF team leader Richard Alepa has acknowledged the lead farmers, aggregators, FPDA and DAL officers for their support in assisting MVF to complete the survey.

He said it was a learning experience to better understand the farmers, their experiences, challenges and ideas shared and how best MVF could assist.

UNDP launches National Skills Survey to support employment growth

The survey aimed to help address skills gaps in Papua New Guinea’s labour market and factors that affect hiring decisions.

The focus of the research is ‘how to grow employment in PNG’

The survey was launched at a business breakfast hosted by the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the Sept 29, 2016.