PM welcomes international surfers to PNG

PM Peter O’Neill made the comments as competitors from around the world prepare to travel to  Papua New Guinea for the Kumul PNG World Longboard Championships at Tupira on 18 to 25 March this year.

“Papua New Guinea is looking forward to hosting the World Surf League Longboard Championship in Tupira near Madang,” the Prime Minister said.

“I am glad that people around the world are discovering that Papua New Guinea is a great surfing destination, with challenging waves in pristine waters on beautiful beaches.

President wants cooperation to host world surfing event

LLG President Erich Pekah says the people are preparing and looking forward to the event to market their culture, food items and to mingle around with the tourists.

Mr Pekah says with months counting down before the surfing title, he wants the National Tourism Promotion Authority, Madang Tourism Authority and PNG Surfing Association to work with his government and the local people on how they can make this event become a success.

Jamie O’Brien lights himself on fire before surfing

He’s a barrel-riding master, movie producer, prankster and all-around game changer. Not to mention the star of a successful web series, now in it’s fourth season, Who Is JOB 5.0. 

Determined to make the latest installment of the original series his wildest one yet, JOB turns up the heat - literally - by surfing on fire at one of the most dangerous waves in the world.