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Retired Brig Gen Ted Diro vying for GG’s post

At the age of 73, retired Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander Brigadier General Ted Diro is putting his hand up for the Governor General’s seat.

Magistrate: Make submissions this Friday

Evidence does not comply with rules of evidence, Court told

Lawyer representing the six police officers made submissions in court today in response to the police prosecution hand-up brief, outlining three main points in the evidence act.

The officers are members of the Police Mobile Squad Special Service Division; Samuel Turi, Arnold Zilong, Tuom Tutuk, Ronald Nelson, Carl Inoumba and Jeremiah Buigen.

The court was told by the defendants’ lawyer that there was nothing for the court to consider because the evidence before the court was not produced in the proper way. The evidence was not tendered in court.

Submissions on 2 Fast Motors robbery case next week

The six officers returned to court with their lawyers today and Magistrate Cosmas Bidar allowed an adjournment to next week Thursday to hear submissions in response to the police prosecution investigation files.

Defense’s submissions on the investigation files took a while to be done because documents in the file were bulky.

Magistrate Bidar told the court today that the case has been outstanding for a while and he wants to finalize the matter before the festive season.