Student boycott

Parkop commends UPNG students for peaceful protest

This was what NCD Governor Powes Parkop said in a statement released yesterday.
“I also appreciate their commitment to keep their protest or boycott of classes peaceful and orderly and within the confines of the campus last week. It was important for their credibility and for the intent of their protest and also for the higher good of our city and our country.

We will not march in protest, students say

Instead, they will be gathering at the Forum Square at 10am today in anticipation of the prime minister and police commissioner’s arrival.

Student representative council member Emelda Arabagali told Loop PNG that they will present their petition to the two parties at the main Waigani campus.

“Commissioner Gari Baki confirmed with us last night that he will be attending our rally today. We have not received any response from the Prime Minister’s Office yet,” the medical students’ leader stated.