Student boycott

UOG Senate suspends lectures for two weeks

Some students say the fight is not related to UPNG protest.

A Goroka student was attacked and is alleged to have been wounded by some Hagen students and was admitted at Goroka hospital.

The Hagen students paid K1, 000 compensation on Sunday.

But some Goroka students were not satisfied.

They combined with Chimbu students with support from outside elements and attacked Hagen and Wabag students in the morning.

The crowd from market that ran to UOG gate and back to town in the morning were opportunists.

Meanwhile many students have left the Campus.

Unitech student wounded after fight at campus

The student was rushed to Angau General Hospital by the Unitech clinic ambulance and his in a stable condition.  

This morning the situation on the ground is quiet but tense.

Loop PNG was reliably informed by a student on the ground that the fight broke out at the conclusion of the student forum hosted by the Unitech Administration and Student Representative Council.

The student who wanted to remain anonymous because of safety reasons said, the attack on the general student body by the Southern Highlands students was pre-planned.

Unitech and UPNG to resume classes

‪‎”UNITECH students who are still off campus, classes resume on Tuesday (tomorrow). SRC and provincial representatives agreed and signed, and the administration accepted the extension of the boycott until 14 June,” Schram posted on his Facebook page.

“Coming Wednesday the Academic Board will make final rearrangement of the academic calendar, and see how sufficient time for exam preparation can be arranged.

Goilala MP criticizes AFP’s role with Police force

“I want to tell the Australia taxpayers to know that it is a waste of their taxpayers money by having AFP officers here, what advise did they give to PNG Police and what is their role here?” the Opposition MP questioned.   

“AFP have failed their responsibilities.”  

Samb’s comments followed the brutal use of force by local Police last Wednesday on the University of Papua New Guinea students protest.

Many students were injured when police fired canisters of tear gas and live bullets on the students to stop them.

UOG to resume classes tomorrow

He confirmed to Loop PNG that the fight among students last Thursday on campus will not disturb classes.   

The fight, which turned into a stone throwing scene, resulted from disagreement by the student body to boycott classes in support of their colleagues at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Sukwianomb said the administration managed to solve the dispute, as both parties compensated each other.  

Give seven days of notice for awareness in Wewak: PPC

Philips told Loop PNG following the decision by Wewak District Court, which struck out the charges laid against the 18 students and parents for ‘unlawful assembly’.

The University of Papua New Guinea and University of Technology students, including some high school students and parents, were en route to Wewak CBD to conduct their awareness when they were arrested last Monday by local police.

“No more awareness, I have already advised the student leaders,” Philips said.

PPC Philips says Sepik students can be re-arrested

The University of Papua New Guinea and University of Technology students, including some high school students and parents were on route to Wewak CBD to conduct their awareness when they were arrested on Monday by local police.

The 18 people turned up for mention and the presiding magistrate struck out their case on Thursday because of lack of evidence.       

“The case was struck out not dismissed, and the file is back with the arresting officer and they can be re-arrested,” PPC Philips told Loop PNG.

Former UPNG SRC president supports silent minority

UPNG SRC president in 2011, Bill Minjukul has raised concerns that the prolonged boycott and suspension of classes indefinitely has affected the silent minority of students who are afraid to speak up.

Minjukul called for normalcy on campus and the university council to quickly restructure the academic calendar and allow students to return to class.

He said a minority of students have approached him for advice on how to deal with the issue as they are worried that their education has been taken away from them.

Sepik university students to stage public forum

Wewak is the provincial capital of East Sepik, and its governor Sir Michael Somare was the first prime minister of Papua New Guinea.

The awareness is to educate Sepiks about the reason why they are calling on Prime Minister Peter O'Niell to step aside.

The awareness drive by the students attending the state run universities had already been held in other provinces in the country.

The students have been boycotting classes for over a month now.

Yesterday saw Sepik Students Union executives addressing Wewak town residents on the awareness drive.

Parkop tells student leaders to see PM themselves

“This is the means by which they agreed to pursue their demands. An opportunity was given to them last week and they turned it down. It was consistent too with their demand that the Prime Minister or ‘his representative’ receive their petition.

“By reneging on their own position, the students have shown lack of sincerity in their cause. I encourage them to allow the petition to be received on behalf of the Prime Minister or be delivered by a committee of the students and allow the Prime Minister time to consider and reply.”