300 Fish Framers in Wambisa registered

“More than 300 people have been registered and the training would begin (today) and end on Saturday,” said Sariki. 

Wosera Gawi Rural Development officer Angela Gosiba said that the program began at Blamda as Blamda Community Agriculture Service in 2016 and now has about 10 cluster groups in North and South Wosera LLGs doing fresh water fish farming. 

 She also said encouraged more youths and females to participate in this farming activity to bring positive change into their communities and boost the local economy.

EU Delegation visits the STREIT PNG Programme farmers and families

“Children are the future of the country, of the community, so we have to take care of our children, give them a good education, help them grow up in peace and with joy. I encourage all of you to embrace the opportunities which the project brings to you. With this project, we want to help you increase your income through farming and better value chains, to leave poverty behind and improve your standards of living, health and education,” said Mr. Rene Mally, First Counsellor and Head of Cooperation, European Union in PNG.