Survivors of 42 day drift at sea struggle to return home to Marshall Islands

A third man, who was in the boat when it left Marshall Islands on 2 April, reportedly jumped into the sea 17 days into the 42-day open ocean drift.

Earlier this week, the Micronesian government's patrol vessel transported the two men from isolated Namoluk Atoll to Weno for medical check ups.

The two, Godfrey Capelle and Benjamin Thomas, washed up at Namoluk on 14 May, 42 days after their 20-foot outboard engine boat washed out of Kwajalein Atoll to begin its westward drift.

Stranded citizens return from Manila

The Air Niugini Exxon Mobil chartered flight brought in the citizens at around 11.30pm.

The chartered flight had repatriated 29 of its Filipino workers and other residents back to the Philippines and on its return leg, uplifted 38 of the PNG nationals who had been stranded there since the lockdown.

Commuters stranded

Parents, especially those travelling up to leave their children at Iarowari High School, have no choice but to wait for the river to subside.

Even those wishing to travel into Port Moresby are facing the same issue on the other side of the river.

The nation’s capital and Central Province have been experiencing continuous rainfall since the weekend, with rivers flooding their banks and drains overspilling onto roads.

The wet weather has also prompted most schools to send students home.

More to follow…

(Pictures by Lucy Arere)