Stop N Shop Central Waigani

E-voucher Trial For Cash Preparedness

The e-voucher can be distributed quickly in the event of an emergency where there are agreements already in place with local suppliers. E-vouchers can be operated on a large scale and are faster than procurement processes.

Save the Children and the City Pharmacy Group of Companies (CPL) today tested e-voucher cards at CPL's Stop N Shop at Central Waigani.

SNS shop to set benchmark

This will be through improved customer service and offering of local goods.

He added the reopening was a new beginning for the retail chain as it embarks on a new journey.

Following its surprise opening yesterday, Stop N Shop Central Waigani is touted as a fresh start for the CPL group, which has gone through very challenging times.

Patel said the shop will set the benchmark for it to move forward.

“This becomes the benchmark so the whole idea is to roll out and upgrade our other Stop N Shops, our other pharmacies.

Stop n Shop Central Waigani reopens

A relieved City Pharmacy Managing Director, Mahesh Patel, said the reopening was a testament to the resilience, dedication, and camaraderie of staff and management during very tough times.

The reopening coincided with the unveiling of the new Stop N Shop and City Pharmacy logo.

At 12 noon, the revamped Central Waigani shopping complex opened its doors to surprised shoppers.

CPL Managing Director, Mahesh Patel, management and staff were present to ensure the reopening ran smoothly.

For Patel it was a huge relief to get the shop up and running again.

SNS Central Waigani set to reopen

The refurbished building is currently being stocked in anticipation for its opening next week.

It is a rebuilding phase, says CPL Managing Director Mahesh Patel, and a rebranding is part of this phase.

CPL staff and contractors are currently hard at work putting in the final touches to the Central Waigani Supermarket, which was shut down in 2015 due to a massive fire.

Patel said it’s been a long time coming for the reopening following a series of unfortunate events hampering its resumption.