Stephen Perkins

Newcrest staff undergo depression management

This was held as part of the World Health Day observation of the day on April 7.

Acting General Manager, Stephen Perkins, said it is important for miners to know and understand how to manage depression, and also educate their family members at home about the signs of depression and how to deal with it quickly.

“Here in Lihir, we believe that a healthy and happy home contributes to a safe and productive workforce.

Mine Company urges safe and healthy lifestyle

Acting General Manager, Stephen Perkins, when opening the Mine Safety Week in Lihir on Monday, March 27, said  this was vital for the mines operations.

Perkins said a healthy lifestyle must begin with choices.

“PNG has a population of more than seven million people. The life expectancy here is 61-65 years. Good news is we can improve on that by making positive choices. The Mine Safety Week here in Lihir is about creating more awareness on what these choices are. We must be willing to make positive choices that will result in positive changes,” he said.