St. Anthony Utai High School

Joseph Pintol – Principal, St. Anthony Utai High School

Pintol couldn’t contain his joy when referring to the Mini Hydro power that was donated to his school by the Project Development Benefits in late 2021.

“We got machines to run in there and we’ve got typing to do and stuff like that. We use to use solar energy and a small generator that can only run for a certain amount of time.

“Having a regular power supply like this is something I cannot imagine, being in a remote place like this,” he said.

Utai High School Performing

The school was started in 2018 by the National Forest Authority’s Amanab Projects Development Benefits (PDB) Blocks 5,6, 1&2. It is run under the Catholic Education Agency.

The high school took in grades 9 and 10 and last year in 2021 they had 170 students.

Joseph Pintol the Principal said they are very fortunate to have the Amanab PDB 5,6, 1&2 for meeting 50% of the school fees for the students from the blocks. The school has not received any funding from the three government funding sources that was due to them in the last year.