Sports Minister

Tkatchenko: National Government did not release funding

Tkatchenko made this statement today after it was reported in the media that Tonga is currently processing its withdrawal documents to be submitted to the 2019 Pacific Games Council.

 “Our commitment and assessment that we did for Tonga to host the Pacific Games has basically stalled and will not continue. We had not paid them any funding whatsoever.

“We had offered them assistance through our own personal staff to go to Tonga and train their staff in that regard.

HOC: Contractor has been paid 95% already of total cost

Wagai said this when responding to questions raised by the media on whether the contractor for the PNG Games has been paid the full amount for their services.

 “Nirvani initially gave us a scope of K23 million kina. We have a balance of K1.3 million yet to pay.

“The contractor is now insisting that we pay that balance and then they will return to work.

“This is the tenth day that they have stopped work after we just paid Nirvani K5 million in December of last year.

Tkatchenko: Having PNG Games in March was always the plan

Speaking at the press conference on the deferral of the Games to November, Tkatchenko said it was a big disappointment for him personally.

“I would have loved to have it in March. That was what I told the CEO of the PNG Sports Foundation, Peter Tsiamalili Jr. to stick to the dates and get the Games going.

 “But after reviewing all these issues like the venues and weather, it just would have made it very very difficult to host the PNG Games in March of this year,” said Tkatchenko.

Tkatchenko: NFS signing is a win-win situation

The signing will see the National Football Stadium (NFS) remain as the home ground for the SP Hunters for the next five years.

“This agreement will concrete the longevity for the PNGRFL. It will ensure that we tick all the boxes for the future development of the facility.

“As you know, this is the first stage; there are still other stages to go that will enhance the use of the facility in the long term.

Media Pool timely boost of K30, 000

It was thanks to Moresby North East MP Labi Amaui who had pledged support last year, but delivered on the promise last night at Lamana Hotel.

The MP was represented his officer Martin Kaupa who handed over the cheque to the Media Pool Competition  executives.

“MP Labi Amaiu had made a commitment as vice minister for Sport to support the Media Pool Competition and I am happy to deliver on the vice minister’s promise,” Kaupa said.

Negotiations underway for Sir Hubert Murray Stadium

Tkatchenko explained work had come to a stop on the stadium this year after businessman, Sir Michael Curtain fell sick and eventually passed away in September.

Curtain was the founder and managing director of Curtain Brothers Group, and the chairman of the board of trustees of the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium.

“I have spoken to the family of the late Michael, and we are moving forward to see work resume. Negotiations are underway and we are seeking sponsorship through Bank South Pacific to complete building the grand stand.

World Cup venues will be ready in time

This was the assurance given by Sports Minister, Justin Tkatchenko when visiting Bava Park this morning.

Venues for the World Cup are - the National Football Stadium, Sir John Guise Stadium, Bava Park and the PNG Football Stadium.

“All our contractors and project managers and architects have stated very clearly that all these beautiful facilities will be ready in time. Games ready for the FIFA World Cup.

“The fields are looking good and the facilities are looking good