Breakdancing for 2024 Olympics?

It is among four sports that organisers will propose to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as well as surfing, climbing and skateboarding, which will all debut at Tokyo 2020.

Squash campaigned unsuccessfully for inclusion in the Paris Games, as did billiard sports and chess.

Breakdancing was included in the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018.

The IOC will consider the proposal and must reach a decision by December 2020.

Sports workshop underway

The event started today and will end tomorrow (January 19).

The aim of the workshop is to identify and refine sports key messages on how to reach a wider audience.

The sports workshop will also emphasise the smart use of social media, photography on devices such as mobile phones, including video.

Learning outcomes of promoting key messages through sports workshop include, developing or progress of a media strategy for key messages such as healthy lifestyle and positive thinking.

The workshop is supported by ABC and the US Embassy.

Sport is in transition whether you like it or not

The AFL is just the latest of many national and international sporting organisations that have overwhelmingly failed to adjust to a changing world where shades of grey have replaced the previously black and white male-female gender dichotomy.

The AFL's decision not to allow trans woman Hannah Mouncey play in the elite AFLW competition has been debated widely this week — although mostly superficially.

Adam Goodes once again face of anti-racism fight in Archibald Prize entry

Colour Doesn't Matter was painted by Darwin artist Megan Adams as a response to the racial abuse of her friend's Indigenous son, a Year 6 student.

"He's just the kindest, happy-go-lucky kid so it was really hard to see him so upset," Ms Adams said.

"Adam Goodes is a fantastic AFL player but he's also a great speaker, speaking against racism; the troubles he went through also related to experiences my friend's son had."