Special Agriculture and Business Leases

Lands minister working on SABL cases

Minister Justin Tkatchenko said the State Solicitor has created a checklist which the Department is now crosschecking with all issued SABLs.

He said this is to ensure the state has a watertight case to revoke illegal SABLs.

Speaking to Loop PNG, Tkatchenko said the checklist outlines the correct and legal means of obtaining SABLs.

ā€œIā€™m doing things by the book, so that it never comes back to hit us, and then we can get on with the job,ā€ stated the minister.

New committee will look at SABLs

Lands and Physical Planning Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, announced this recently, stating there are some SABLs that work quite well.

The Minister says this is only the tip of the iceberg and SABL has been a major issue for the people of Papua New Guinea in terms of customary land grabbing.

The newly set up Customary Land Advisory Committee will be responsible for the issuing of licenses to do business on customary land and SABLs given out illegally will be dealt with accordingly and done away with.