SP PNG Hunters

Isaac Ready For Hostplus Cup

He is regarded as one of the most senior members of the current training squad that will be finalized on January 26, 2022 before the team travels down to Queensland on the 28th.

Isaac was recruited by former Hunters coach Michael Marum in 2018 while playing for the Gurias. He proved to be a consistent member of the team until he got injured.

Isaac’s rugby league future was under a serious injury cloud after he was diagnosed with a rare spinal issue that forced him to seek urgent medical treatment while doing studies at the same time.

Church To Announce Team Soon

Coach, Mathew Church has emphasized to the team on getting their mindset right with good attitude towards training sessions and putting the team first.

He said since the preseason started a number of returning Hunters have been terminated or released for compromising the team’s culture.

Church has also brought in a number of outstanding players from the 2021 Digicel Cup competition for experience and direction.

Wartovo Granted Leave

PNG Hunters Coach, Matt Church clarified that Puara had asked for some extended leave to sort out family issue that requires him to remain in PNG for an indefinite period until he’s ready to rejoin the team in Queensland later.

Church is hopeful all goes well for Wartovo and his family with issues sorted out once and for all so he can rejoin the playing group down in Queensland.

Hunters Release Kapinias

Hunters Coach, Matt Church confirmed Epel has been released from the team for breaking team rules. Church said this is unfortunate for young Kapinias because he is highly talented, yet cannot put himself ahead of the team, which he has done.                                                                                                                
Epel had an opportunity to become an NRL player during the last season but his own actions meant that the NRL club backed away from offering him an opportunity.

SP PNG Hunters Confirm Home For 2022

Located at the northern-end of the Gold Coast, the GC Performance Centre is a premier sporting facility boasting state of the art equipment and lodgings and the SP PNG Hunters are excited to continue this relationship into the 2022 season after living and training onsite there last year.  

Director of the Centre, Brendan Flynn said he is pleased to see the SP PNG Hunters return.  

Church Firms Team Culture

He added that it’s all about building strong relationships, trust and confidence, to achieving a fixed outcome.

Since the Hunters preseason training squad was assembled two months ago they have jelled well together. Church said the camaraderie and chemistry amongst both old and new players has been overwhelming.

Boas Out For 2022 Season

Close teammate, Wartovo Puara Junior says with Ase out of the pack, the team will have to take every advice possible from the coaching staff to maintain their stand in the Queensland Cup.

“With Ase out of the team it will challenge the boys to go an extra mile and it give their all. It comes down to how prepared we are and how well we can play our game.

“We have great talent in the team and I am sure will do our best. From the look of things, the boys are physically fit and ready,” Puara said.

Focus On Goal Kicker

A position that has been at the forefront of former Hunters and Captain Ase Boas is now on the loose, as Hunters Head Coach Matt Church says, is an integral part when it comes to scoring.

Ase Boas, having always taken the role as a kicker for the team, has now left the coach and the team without a kicker for the season, but Church is adamant that one of the boys in the pack will stand out to take the role of a kicker.

“Intrust Super Cup Comp Tough”

Puara said for players that are transitioning from playing in the Digicel Cup to playing for the Hunters is hard. Having come through the same pathway, Puara said it takes time, but sometimes it turns out that player show confidence and a take a step forward to advancing into playing a different level of rugby league.

“As easy as it sounds, although players have come from Digicel Cup, it’s not easy at the start but player slowly adapt to the level of game the hunters play. Transitioning from one competition to another is very different” said Puara.

Hunters Training Well

They have been maintaining good attitude and high intensity throughout their field and gym sessions.

With the 12 new additions to the team this year, the competition for spots in the final 26 man squad is providing that extra push and motivation for the boys.

This year’s pre-season training camp has gone up another notch with a lot more focus on fitness, conditioning and elevating the intensity level. At the same time, the team is doing simple ball drills in attack and defensive situation which has been one of their main downfalls this year.