Souths defeat Royals 10-0

Souths spent the opening minutes of the first half in their opponent’s half asking questions early on.

Surviving the early attacks, Royals made their way out of danger and into South’s territory.

The boys in blue nearly hit the lead had Joel Amos held onto the ball after barging over the line carrying three defenders over with him.

But Souths continue to keep the pressure on and this turned into points when Sunny Wabo was put into a gap to dance his way to the try line and score under the posts.

Souths swat Flies in POMRFL

Supporters from both sides turned up in numbers to the Murray Barracks oval to watch what was the main game of the day played in dry and windy conditions.

Flies took a 4-0 lead after only 9 minutes and extended this to 10-2 at half time after a 90 metre try from Gabby Taune.

The second 40 minutes of play belonged to Souths who held the Flies scoreless.

A penalty and a try put the score at 10-8 with 24 minutes left on the clock.

10 minutes later, Souths took the lead after a try from prop Kingston Kambi.