Southern Highlands Provincial Assembly

Marape calls for peace, unity for SHP

Prime Minister James Marape made these remarks when addressing the Southern Highlands Provincial Assembly meeting in Mendi on Thursday.

Marape said he was pleased to see reconciliation between the provincial leaders, during the Provincial Assembly swearing-in of MPs; and said this would enable their people to promote and maintain peace and unity.

The Prime Minister also appealed to the leaders of the province to return home and promote vital sectors such as agriculture, health, infrastructure and education, among others.

SHP leaders urged to observe law

Speaking at the Southern Highlands Provincial Assembly’s first meeting in Mendi Town on Thursday, the Prime Minister said for unity to grow.

“We must adhere to rule of law, and this starts with us the leaders. Let us observe the rule of law at all times.

“If we observe the rule of law in our societies, there will be no fighting but peace will prevail amongst our people.”

He also advised public servants to work accordingly and lawfully.

SHP members sworn in

The event took place at the Provincial capital, Mendi.

In his official speech to the PEC members, chairman and Governor, William Powi told the leaders that it's about time SHP moves forward and not to be stagnant.

"Let us put away our political indifference and serve the people and move the province forward.

"We cannot just sit back and let problems take control of our province, but stand up and solve the issues at hand.

"We are leaders and we're elected to serve our people."