South Pacific Lawyers Association

Kuman appointed to South Pacific Lawyers association

 Kuman who is the principal owner of Kuman Lawyers was elected to the executive committee during the second SPLA conference in Brisbane which was held on September 17 and 18.

Kuman will serve on the executive committee for two years and he has pledged to work closely with SPLA for the betterment of the PNG Law Society.

The conference held in Brisbane had the largest number of participants from the PNG Law Society.

Pacific lawyers gather for conference

There are about 1700 lawyers in the Pacific, excluding Australia and New Zealand, and about 100 of them are expected at the two-day conference being run by the South Pacific Lawyers Association.

Its chairman, Ross Ray QC, says the meeting will include sessions on issues such as document drafting, case analysis, commercial law and legal aid.

He says the conference is a good opportunity to promote ties between the different law societies across the region.