South Fly Resilience Plan (SFRP)

Hydrogeological Surveys Conducted In South Fly

The SFRP, supported by the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership aims to provide safe and reliable access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

The surveys determine the best locations for boreholes to access groundwater by assessing water quality, quantity and speed of storage, as well as proximity to the communities. Boreholes are groundwater sources and are more reliable during dry seasons.

MRA Geological Survey Division’s Executive Manager, Nathan Mosusu said he was pleased to work with Australia to improve the lives of rural communities.

Improving WaSH facilities in South Fly

The SFRP, supported by the Australian Government through the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership, aims to strengthen government and community mechanisms to improve WaSH standards and food security in the South Fly region.

Australia is also building upon its existing investments supporting improvements to health and infrastructure needs in South Fly and working to address the harsh impacts of climate change, long dry seasons and flooding, which results in contaminated water, unreliable cropping systems and infectious disease outbreaks.