Solomon Islands

Malaita farmers call for help with Rhinoceros Beetle

The public broadcaster reported the beetle was sighted last year by farmers who feared the pest would kill coconut plantations and set back copra production.

A spokesman for the Ward Eight Farmers Association Samson Eric Lifuasi said authorities needed to support control measures and to formulate a plan to stop the beetle spreading to other provinces.

Last year, the Australian company Kokonut Pacific reported a renewed infestation of rhinoceros beetle in the Solomons was killing large palm trees.

Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands finds path to NZ market

Kokonut Pacific, a coconut oil producing company was one of three companies from the Solomon Islands invited to attend Auckland’s Pasifika Festival earlier in March as part of the PTI Pacific Path to Market programme.

The six-stage programme involves attending a Pacific Path to Market workshop in their own country, followed by an invitation to Pasifika Festival, a Gap Analysis workshop and one-to-one business meetings with prospective buyers, importers and distributors.

Blue boats crews’ fine paid

This was confirmed in court on Monday by Immigration Officer Chris Akosawa who appeared on behalf of the matter.
He said the total fine of USD$4,300 had been transferred to the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) account through the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI).
Akosawa asked the court for an extension of the detention order for another 14 days to allow the crew members to wait for their flights back to Vietnam.
The first four crews will leave the country today whilst the second batch of nine crews will leave on Friday.

Solomons' drink drivers face steep penalties

The Solomon Star newspaper reported 10 people had been arrested and charged by police after failing the country's first breathalyzer tests.

First time offenders can be imprisoned for up to a year and/or be fined more than $US1200 which is equivalent to about four months income for the average family in Solomon Islands.

Repeat offenders can be imprisoned for up to two years and/or be fined more than $US2400.

The tougher laws were introduced last June with the aim to to curb the high number of alcohol related crashes and fatalities.

Situation tense in remote Solomons province over mining

An Australian company Pacific Bauxite has secured a licence to prospect the island and its representatives are in the island's capital Lata this week.

Some local people are opposed to their presence and have set up roadblocks to stop them from travelling around the island.

A spokesperson for the community, Sir John Ini Lapli, who is also a former governor general of Solomon Islands, said the issue had divided families and tribes, making the situation very tense.

Blue boat crews caught in Solomons to be repatriated

Court fines of $US100 each for illegal entry into Solomon Islands will also be paid by their family members.

The Solomon Star newspaper reports that a total of $US4,300 has been given to the Vietnamese Embassy in Canberra by the men's families to be wired to the Solomon Islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Honiara.

Local courts have extended their remand in custody to the 22nd of this month pending the payment of their fines and repatriation costs.

Serritslev: We have to do our very best

PNG will play Solomon Islands twice in June - on the 9th and again on the 13th - in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Qualifier - OFC Stage 3.

“Solomon Islands for sure is a strong team, I watched their match when they played Tahiti beating them 1-0.

“They have good individual players. Maybe we are playing a bit more team related where as they play more individual related.

“To win in the Solomon Islands, we have to do our very best,” said Serritslev.

Groups in talks to lift music industry

The label has been working with Shefram studios from the Solomon Islands for its recent projects.

Being the oldest recording label and producer in the country, CMH wishes to continue being the trend setter in the PNG’s music industry.

“So we review the stuff that they produce and then they work in collaboration with our producers to either refine it, fine-tune it or we leave as it is, it depends.

APTC welcomes over 700 students

The orientation sessions at APTC campuses in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu on January 16 and 17, provided valuable information to new students on APTC facilities, student support services, regulations, and their responsibilities.

APTC is an innovative development program funded by the Australian Government, delivering internationally-recognised Australian skills and qualifications for a wide range of vocational careers for skilled workers across the Pacific.

7.9 quake near Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea

An alert from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) says widespread hazardous tsunami waves are possible for parts of the Pacific.

Areas issued tsunami warnings include Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea , Pohnpei , Vanuatu , Chuuk, Indonesia, Nauru and Kosrae.

Initial reports suggest the earthquake struck at a depth of 154km.

The quake was initially recorded at 8.0M.

More to come.

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