solar lights

Solar lights work wonders for 7yo

But ever since solar lights were installed in the family home of seven-year-old Norman Woito from Buna village, he now looks forward to studying with his mother after school.

Parents Wilfred and Liferty Woito said it used to be difficult to encourage the Buna elementary student to do his school work in the dark.

“He mostly complained about doing his homework because he could not see clearly with the torch lights, which only worked for a short time,” said Liferty.

Solar lights for Markham school

The solar lighting will also reduce the school’s expense to maintain power generators.

The installation of the solar lighting kit was done recently under the Bank South Pacific’s Lae Branch Community Project.

Markham Valley Secondary School Principal, Billy Kayo, thanked BSP for the assistance and encouraged the staff and students of the school to recognise the support and to be responsible in taking care of the solar equipment. 

Solar Lights for remote Secondary School

The installation of the lights was made possible by Bank South Pacific, as part of the Wabag branches 2018 community project initiative.

Pilakambi Secondary School Principal Florence Kangun, expressed her gratitude to BSP for recognising a remote schools very need and attending to it.

“The initiative is an eye opener for the community and we urged the community to take ownership of this asset and look after it, as it will benefit us all local villagers around here,” she said.