Sogeri armed hold-up 2017

VIDEO: Family sets record straight

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Suspect in Sogeri incident apprehended

This was revealed by Provincial Police Commander Laimo Asi this afternoon.

Police have reason to believe that the apprehended suspect is one of the men in an old man’s masks that ran towards the vehicle in an attempt to hold up a family consisting of a couple, their two children and paternal grandfather.

The family was travelling down from a sightseeing trip at Varirata, outside Port Moresby.

The whole ordeal was captured on a dashboard camera and has since gone viral on social media; even attracting international attention.

Family disappointed with contradicting media reports

The family’s video of their escaping an attempted hold-up at Sogeri, caught by their dashboard camera, went viral during the weekend; capturing local and international attention.

This newsroom first reported the incident a day after it occurred where the wife, Roxy Steljic, spoke off camera and supplied the original video.

A few days after that traumatising Saturday (Oct 21) afternoon, conflicting media reports surfaced, casting shadows of doubt on the family.

However, Roxy confirms that her husband, Vlad, was driving at that time.