Carvers plea for help


The islanders produce some of the best known artifacts found in major hotels and meeting venues in Lae city and elsewhere.

Tami carvings are found in all possible artifact shops and market places in the province, including major events such as the annual Morobe Show.

They have become tourism products over the years for visitors and those going finish.

But islanders say they aren’t getting enough from their products, which take up a lot of energy, time and skills.

Francis Puta, says besides fishing, artifacts form a large part of their income.

O’Neill backs Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises in Asia-Pacific

  O'Neill made this call following the first session of the APEC Leaders’ meeting that was focusing on the topic of Inclusive Growth through Integrated Economies.

“For Papua New Guinea, the dramatic growth we are experiencing must be carefully managed so that we can effectively continue to integrate with the region,”  he said at the end of the session.

 “As a developing country, we must ensure that our growth is inclusive of our people, and inclusive of the people of Pacific Islands nations.

Selling flowers keeps families going

Jerry Are and his wife Jenny share similar stories like many unemployed people in the city who have left their village for the capital city, searching for opportunities for a better life.

The couple told Loop PNG that their informal business of selling pot plants and flower cuttings had helped them to survive in the city but they want the city authorities to assist them to expand their trade.

 “We thank NCDC for allowing us to market at roadsides, but we need a proper market place, training and funding to grow our business,” Jerry said in Tok Pisin.

BSP funding over 40 million in loans to SMEs to grow

 Owner of a local SME called Tapioca Delight, Ginia Siaguru, is just one of many success stories of the BSP Smart Business Loan product.

The loan has helped her to purchase equipment that has helped her business grow over time with the future looking bright.

 “Looking for Small Business Loans can be challenging, but with BSP, having an established banking relationship helped me to further explore other options like opening a Business Account. It is through this Smart Business Account that has paved way for us to take out a Smart Business Loan, “said Siaguru.