Where In Europe Are Ukraine’s Refugees Going?

How many Ukrainians escaping the Russian war machine have entered European countries so far?


Ukraine’s close ally, with which it shares a 310-mile border, had received 1,204,403 refugees by Tuesday, the UNHCR said.

The government has announced plans to set up an 8bn złoty (£1.34bn) fund for people fleeing Ukraine, including the provision of a one-off payment of 300 złoty (£50) for each refugee.


7 die in midair crash of 2 parachute planes over Slovakia

The crash took place Thursday morning about 0720 GMT (2:20 a.m. EDT) near the village of Cerveny Kamen, said Zuzana Farkasova, a spokeswoman for the Slovak firefighters. 

Rescue workers used helicopters to reach the crash site in the White Carpathians mountain range that forms the border with the Czech Republic.