Doors open for youth

But two innovative youth programs supported by Australia are helping at-risk and disadvantaged youth gain the valuable skills needed to find employment. 

Derek Julius Story

Twenty-five-year-old Derrick Julius is one of many young people who have benefited from the two youth programs supported by Australia; Ginigoada and City Mission.

Through Ginigoada, Derrick was able to complete his on-job training in electrical skills and is working towards achieving a level 1 certificate.

Keys to HIV/AIDS: skills development, jobs, good governance

“Poverty and lack of quality education lead to sexual risk. Skills development, employment creation and good governance can help fight HIV/AIDS,” said Mr Polye when delivering a closing speech to mark the World AIDS Day at the Sir John Guise Indoor complex in the capital city.

He said as a leader of a remote district in the country, the World AIDS Day provided a forum to debate about the epidemic to extract better policies and laws to combat HIV/AIDs.

“We all have to be committed in addressing the issue and show love and care to those living with the virus.