Sirinumu dam

Capital city running out of water

Eda Ranu announced in a statement today that the rationing will start on December 7…next Monday.

In a statement, Eda Ranu said due to the prolonged dry weather period being experienced in the country, they will be rationing as of that day.

The water at the dam has depleted at  a faster reduction rate “due to precipitation and associated factors’’.

“The rationing exercise is necessary to preserve the remaining 35% of water at the Sirinumu Dam to last till mid 2016 or until such time we get sufficient rainfall,’’ The statement said.

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Sirinumu dam needs continuous rain to buff up stock

Sirinumu dam needs continuous rain to buff up stock

Currently the water level mark is at 139 million cubic metres and depleting and when the measurement hits 100 million cubic meters hydro electricity generation will stop and only water supplier Eda Ranu will supply water to Port Moresby and surrounding areas.   

The full water capacity for the dam is 340 million cubic metres.

Yanis said the electricity short fall will be met from diesel and gas turbine.

He said, the dam needs continuous rain to replenish its water stock in the water catchment area.   

Don’t panic over NCD water, PNG Power says

In a media tour of Sirinumu Dam today, PNG Power water management officer Laun Medakou advised city residents that there is "no need for panic."

"It (the dam) can cater for the city for the next eight months for hydro to generate power and water,’’ he said.

The current water catchment level stands at 129 million cubic metres.

The dam capacity water level, when full, is 340 million cubic metres.

Rain falls at Sirinumu as PNG Power makes pledge over dam use

Mr Laun Medakaou, PNG Power water management officer, told the media in a visit to the dam site today that the current water level stands at 139 million cubic metres.

The full water capacity for the dam is 340 million cubic metres.

He said that PNG Power and water provider Eda Ranu have a verbal agreement  stating that when the water level drops to 100 million cubic metres, PNG Power will stop using the water catchment to generate electricity and the water will be used only by Eda Ranu to supply water to the city.

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 PNG Power: Sirinumu has enough water to power city

PNG Power says Sirinumu dam has enough water to generate power for Port Moresby that will last up until next year.


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PNG Power: Sirinumu has enough water to power city

 A trip up to the dam today found that the water level of the dam has dropped from the normal level of 176 million cubic metres to around 139 million cubic meters.

This is over a period of five months.

Water management officer for PNG Power, Laun Medakou said the water levels were dropping fast.

He said they are now at 41% below full supply level.

“But we have made adjustments with load shedding to accommodate for this dry spell. We have now reduced our valves to 15 points (3.8 million cubic metres per second) from 8am-10pm and to 20 points from 10pm-8am.