Sir Micheal Somare

Somare: PNG-China relationship still strong

Grand Chief, Sir Micheal Somare, said this on Wednesday night, when recalling the establishment of this diplomatic relationship.

He said PNG was the first in the Pacific to establish this, while other countries were still figuring out communist China’s globalisation move.

Sir Michael signed an MOU with China then, a move he says he does not regret to date.

PNG has continued this partnership as China emerged from nowhere to being a powerful developed nation to date, he said.

“And PNG is greatly honoured for this relationship,” said Somare.

PNG Loop’s 5@5

Government plans fitting farewell for Sir Michael

The National Government will give a chiefly farewell to the country’s first Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare when he pulls down his political carrier in nine months’ time, after 48 years in politics.


Police arrest another Tatana shooting suspect

Grand Chief maintains stand on O’Neill’s removal

“I have made my call for Mr O’Neill to submit to the law and appropriate authorities and I stand by my statement.

Sir Michael said, “Instead of deflecting attention away from the issue at hand, I once again appeal to O’Neill to surrender to the law.”

“As former prime ministers, it is incumbent upon both Sir Mekere Morauta and I to request your cooperation to show there is one law for everybody.

“Surrounding yourself with heavily armed guards to avoid the service of warrants of arrests is inappropriate and deeming to the Office of the Prime Minister,” he said.