Sir Mekere Morauta

Sir Mekere calls on PM O'Neill to step down

“Mr O’Neill knows well that the Office of the Prime Minister is not a personal possession,” he said.

“It is a Constitutional office, the highest in the land, and it belongs to the people and the State. It does not belong to Peter O’Neill.

“It is there to serve the people and the nation; it is not there to serve the interests of the incumbent.

“In particular its power should not be used as a weapon to protect the incumbent from due process, or to cause due process to be thwarted.

Business sectors suffering from economic turmoil

In a statement, Sir Mekere says this in turn worsened living conditions for ordinary Papua New Guineans.

He said Papua New Guinea fell four places in the World Bank’s Doing Business Survey, from 141 to 145, placing it among the worst-managed and most corrupt nations on earth.

“Businesses of all sizes – locally owned as well as foreign-owned – are experiencing difficult trading conditions and many are laying off workers,” says Sir Mekere.

O’Neill’s spendings make people suffer: Sir Mekere

In a media statement released on Thursday, Sir Mekere says O’Neill’s limitless spending will cause  major turbulence in the country. 

“Reckless spending, illegal and wasteful borrowing, the raiding of national institutions like MVIL, Ok Tedi and NPCP to satisfy his spending appetite, and misapplication of billions of kina that should be used for national development have now combined to create a turbulent storm,” he said.