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Former PMs repeat call for O’Neill to step down

In a statement the leaders said Papua New Guinea is at a turning point.

They said the country can choose to start afresh with new leadership, new vision and new hope for the future or continue down an uncertain, slippery road, led by a person who is increasingly behaving like a dictator, with total disregard for the law.

They have made their choice and called on fellow Papua New Guineans to join them in rescuing the country. 

“We cannot, through inaction, see our democracy and the institutions that support democracy ruined. The nation’s future is at stake.

Issue of standing in PNGSDP case heard in court

Lawyers representing Sir Mekere, Attorney General Ano Pala, Parliament Speaker Theo Zurenuoc, the NEC and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill argued the issue of standing on Friday afternoon.

Justices Ambeng Kandakasi, Joseph Yagi and Don Sawong, after hearing arguments, reserved their decision to a later date.

If the court finds that Sir Mekere has standing or a right to file a lawsuit as a private citizen, then it will proceed to the substantive hearing of the case.

Date set for constitutional challenge on PNGSDP matters

Sir Mekere is seeking standing to bring the challenge as a private citizen – former Prime Minister and senior public servant, businessman, economist, chairman of PNGSDP and former chairman of OTML.

He announced in January 2016 that he had begun new legal proceedings seeking to have the Mining (Ok Tedi Tenth Supplemental Agreement) Act 2013 declared unconstitutional and invalid.

Should the Court declare that Sir Mekere has standing, a full trial of the substantive issues will follow.

O’Neill brushes aside Sir Mekere’s claims

He said the Central Bank operates as an independent entity and the Government has no dealings with its roles

Sir Mekere in a statement claimed that the O’Neill Government’s political interference in the Bank of Papua New Guinea is threatening the stability of the nation’s financial system and state finances, and increasing risks for bank depositors and investors in financial institutions.

Sir Mekere warns of Parliament becoming a rubber stamp for O’Neill

“In recent years the Office of the Prime Minister and those who influence it have come to dominate the structures and processes of decision-making by the Parliament and the Executive,” he said.

“Parliament in particular needs to be restored to its rightful place as the embodiment of the rights, aspirations and views of the people.

“Likewise the rights and the duty of Members of Parliament to represent the nation and their people need to be restored and respected.”

PNG in midst of deepening economic and financial crisis, says Sir Mekere

“Only by the Prime Minister acknowledging the nature and scale of the problem, and sharing it with Papua New Guineans, can we find solutions to fight the problem, hand in hand.

Sir Mekere calls on Baki to ease tensions

 Sir Mekere said Baki must ease the tensions he and O’Neill have created.

“Baki, like the Prime Minister, should comply with the law.

“He should comply with the legitimate orders of the National and Supreme Courts, and that means reinstating Damaru and his colleagues to their positions in the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate and enabling them to recommence their investigations.

Former PM reiterates call on O’Neill to step down

Sir Mekere in a statement said O’Neill should allow the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate to take up his challenge to find whether there is evidence or not that he (O’Neill) benefitted financially from the Paraka scandal.

“He should also allow them to continue their wider investigation into all aspects of the case, and he should assist their enquiries by presenting himself to Director Matthew Damaru and his colleagues for questioning.

More borrowing is not the right answer: Sir Mekere

In a statement, Sir Mekere said he was surprised the IFC would even consider such a loan.

“The Prime Minister cannot borrow his way out of the problems he has created.

“The budgetary and financial problems the country is facing will not be cured by band-aids such as this. In fact it will only make matters worse.”

He said O’Neill’s justification for the loan is a lack of foreign exchange, which is crippling business and commerce and leading to increased hardship for ordinary Papua New Guineans such as job losses, rising prices and a collapse in service delivery.

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Court stays Damaru's suspension

The National Court in Port Moresby in few minutes ago, stayed the suspension of Fraud Squad Director Mattew Damaru.

Sir Mekere calls on PM O'Neill to step down